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Custom Fabric Round Updates

3/23 - Summertime Fine pre-order opens

4/6 - Summertime Fine pre-order ends

5/20 - Juneteenth playing card retail (shipping will occur within 2 business days)

5/26 - Summertime Fine pre-order delivery to me based on tracking

6/4 - NLT date of Summertime Fine shipment to customers

6/19 - Gems pre-order opens

7/6 - Gems pre-order closes

7/13 - Swim retail sale (estimated)

8/11 - Gems pre-order deliver to me based on tracking

8/16 - NLT date of Gems shipment to customers

10/5 - BML returns!

Updated as of July 8, 2021

About Queenora Renee Fabrics

Hi! I’m Queenora, owner of Queenora Renee Fabrics.

I started sewing in 2014 and from sewing for myself and close family/friends, I saw first hand and learned how underrepresented the Black community is within the custom fabric world.

As a Black woman, I know how important it is to see yourself confidently in all facets of life - including on fabric. With my custom fabric, I focus to help bring representation to Black people and our culture while starting a conversation on issues within the Black community.