My experience with Thrive Mentorship Program

Transparency Time.

Over the past two months, I have been a part of Aaronica’s Thrive group mentorship program through her business, AC Media House. My testimonial to the program is below and it pretty much outlines my why in joining the program and my overall feeling.



AC Media and Aaronica are the truth! As a business owner, I have always wanted a business coach but to me I always felt I had to hit some level of "success" or have more going on within the business in order to justify bothering someone with all my business luggage. But I was so wrong.

At the time I signed up for the group coaching, my business was on an impromptu hiatus - having absolutely no orders, no social media presence, no website presence, no anything for over six months. I was at a point where my business self was enveloped with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. When I saw Aaronica posting about her group coaching, I was definitely intrigued. I knew Aaronica from the sewing community and I had trust in who she was as a person. But I won't lie - I was nervous about the coaching aspect. Not because of who Aaronica is because she is an amazing person but because of the rise in motivation-esque coaching. I had previously attended another business coach webinar and though it was a great motivational speech and had a lot of feel good/they spoke a word moments - I took away no real tangible information or any plan of action. And so I was concerned about how much of the group coaching would actually help me get to where I wanted to go.

Sitting here now weeks later, I am thankful I decided to invest in my business. The group coaching with Aaronica helped by navigating me to gain clarity on my purpose and business value to my audience. Then, I learned how to communicate that to my customers effectively in order to bring awareness and grow my business. Because Aaronica is a creative, she understood the industry, the struggles, the culture and the audience of who my business serves. Having that additional knowledge and skillset assisted us being able to determine tangible plans to put into action. Simply put - Aaronica knows her shit. Not only did this group coaching provide her as a resource and guide but it also introduced me to other creative business owners who I am able to relate with and network.

From this group coaching, I took the first steps towards reclaiming my business. I have the tools and strategies to work through the mindset of my self doubt and business scarcity. I gained insight and received recommendations on business applications, programs and systems that can assist me in being able to spend more time in the parts of the business I enjoy versus the parts I don't. This program was just what I needed and I thank you Aaronica for sharing not only your knowledge and resources with us - but for sharing of yourself and your journey with us.

--Queenora Irvin


If this sounds like something you are looking to be a part of, she is doing another cohort starting in November. You can use my affiliate link to sign up: HERE

I do receive a small percentage in exchange for you using this link.

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