FAQs - Custom Fabric

Not familiar with how custom fabric works? Below is a general outlook on how the process works. For specific timelines and dates on each round, join our FB group, follow us on IG or check out our home page.

Purchasing from a custom fabric business is different from ordering fabric from a brick and mortar or other e-commerce fabric stores. We do not keep a large inventory of fabrication to choose from on any random day. Instead, we focus on providing select unique designs at specified times.

When we prepare to launch a round, we print limited yardage of the fabric to provide to a handful of strike testers. These strike testers provide feedback and create garments and other items with our limited yardage to serve as inspiration and ensure quality.

We announce the designs and the dates that customers are able to pre-order fabric, generally a two week timeframe. The customer acknowledges that their order is a pre-order and pays in full online. Once the pre-order closes, we submit the order to our printer who will print the total yardage from the pre-order. Once completed, the fabric is shipped to Queenora Renee Fabrics where the mass order to cut into the individual orders and shipped to the customer.

To learn about the fabric base our designs are printed on, click here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.